I am being punished for having a big car

I own a Jaguar car, and for that I am being penalised under Islington Council’s new parking permit structure.

Before I moved to Islington I lived in a part of Enfield outside of any CPZ. My father is very old (93) and it was decided that I should move back into my father’s house in order to help with the day-to-day routine. I hold down a full-time job as well.

There are times I need to transport my father from place to place and using the car I have is quite convenient – a smaller car just wouldn’t be as easy and comfortable for my father. He never had a car, and now I am able to make life a little better for him Islington Council penalises me!

How is this the “fairest way”? I thought we lived in a democratic society. I go to work on public transport, but because I own a car and hardly clock up a 1,000 miles per year, I am penalised!

Other residents use their cars daily, morning, noon and night! But because they have a smaller car they pay far less than I have to, yet are free to pollute all day long!

Is the council really sure this is the “fairest way” – or is this just milking a motorist who is prudent with the use they make of their big car?

I am not in a position to buy a smaller car at this present time and the option to join a car club as yet is not an option. I would be grateful if the council could come up with some kind of concession, as insurance companies do, for low mileage drivers.

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I am sure I am not alone in this situation. Just like most people remain the silent minority, that just pay through the nose. – Mark J Griffiths, Fieldway Crescent, N5.