I fancy my gay neighbour

I really like this guy who lives in my block of flats. He’s funny, clever, and can get a bar rocking.

The thing is that he’s gay and I’m male, straight, and married. My wife and our two little kids love him, too.

Well, to be honest everyone who meets him adores him. He does a mad camp stand-up, and, if that’s possible, he’s even funnier and wittier in real life and on his tweets.

My wife and I laugh out loud. But, I think there may be more in this.

Yes, he’s like drop dead gorgeous (how could I EVER say that?) and yes, he seems to have a particular soft spot for me, as he texts me continually, and has now given me his private email.

I only ‘did’ guys when I was in boarding school. So can you tell me why I fancy this guy more than I fancy Katie/Jordan, Jodie, or any number of women?

It’s worrying me. I know I love my wife. On the other hand, I think I may have to sign up for the dates he’s offering me to be alone with him.

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I know, I believe, what he wants. I think I may want it too. It would be such a buzz!

Barbara says: OK. Let’s get this…umm…straight? You really like this gay guy, and you’re not gay but had a few experiences in the past, and now you want a buzz?

Hey ho! Why are you asking me? You two fancy the pants off each other?

Now, back to basics. You’re married. Getting your rocks off, either way, is not an option, unless you want it to end in tears and divorce. OK?

Really bad idea. Forget it.