I’ll lose toy boy if I ditch Botox

I’m 40, look in my 20s, and I’ve kept that look through Botox injections, which just freeze your frown lines. It’s worked a treat in my industry – fashion.

Last week, though, my boss said that after an important meeting the clients said that I ‘wasn’t impressive’ and that I’d sat through the meeting ‘expressionless’.

I confided, all tears, to my only friend about this, and she said: ‘Your face is blank, quite honestly!’

I have a wonderful 25-year-old toy boy, a great job, and a good salary. Do I ditch the Botox to stay in my job and look old and lose my boyfriend? It’s a tough call.

Barbara says: My view – ditch the Botox. It’s not doing you any favours at work or in friendship. You have only one friend? That’s pretty sad. Can’t you be who you are, experience and all?

Faces are supposed to show feelings. That’s their job. Let yours do its job. And if your boyfriend hasn’t told you that your face is blank, do you really think there are feelings in this relationship?