I’ve never eaten in a restaurant

My boyfriend has invited me for a restaurant meal. I’ve never had one, and don’t like to say.

At home, we only ever eat off plates on the coffee table while watching TV and we usually eat with a fork.

I’ve looked at restaurants, and you have to have two lots of knives and forks and it’s all very complicated.

I don’t want to show myself up.

Barbara says: Don’t worry, you won’t. Most people, these days, eat with forks and restaurant staff are used to it.

The only rule you need to know is that if there is more than one knife and fork, you start from the outside in.

So for a starter you eat with the knife (if you need it) and fork on the outside of the two lots. Then for your main course you eat with the bigger, inside lot.

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They’ll have already taken the smaller lot away. And they do look after you.

So if you need special cutlery for a dish, like a soup spoon or a fish knife (don’t ask – most of us don’t know why that’s a special thing) they bring it to you and remove anything you don’t need.

Just go with the flow!