Is it OK to dress baby boy in pink?

Is it wrong to dress a baby boy in pink?

My husband and I were so convinced we were going to have a girl (I never had a scan) that we just bought all our baby things in pink. And now we have a huge (9 pounds 3 ounces) boy, born last month, with reddish hair, like my husband’s side of the family.

We love him loads! He’s active and funny, and makes us both smile. So is it OK to put him in the few pink babygrows that fit him? Or will that make him effeminate?

Barbara says: Oh puleeze! Babies don’t have colour vision at that age, so what does it matter to him? When he gets slightly bigger and the kiddy things are outgrown, you can dress him in whatever colour you choose. Up to you. Colour stuff is all about what adults think, not what babies are. But be prepared to fight against prejudice!

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