Is my natural lover all he seems?

I met this great guy on a dating site on the internet who comes over once a week. We’re both in our 40s, but he’s a carer. He’s single, never been in a relationship and lives at home looking after both his elderly parents.

He’s remarkable, considering. He’s a very accomplished and passionate lover. It must come naturally to some men, but obviously he has to be very careful about not upsetting his parents who are both very poorly. I can’t phone him, but can text to a certain number in an emergency.

We do Wednesdays at mine. I cook him a lovely meal, and then we have fun, then he goes back to caring by 10pm. He can’t leave them alone. I’d love to help him out with it, but he says that he feels that would be far too much to ask of me, and that he’s very happy as it is. Honestly, I’d like to take it further.

Barbara says: Excuse me – you met him on the internet and you believe he’s living with his aged parents and is a carer for them? Yet he’s an accomplished lover? Hmm. He leaves at 10pm? Hmmmm. I hear the sound of alarm bells. Yes, of course, he could be all he says he is. On the other hand, maybe not? He could be married. Who am I to argue? If you meet someone on the internet – CHECK!