Is the child mine?

I’m a 25-year old man, and seven months ago, a lady I love performed a sex act on me. She then disappeared from my life.

I tried to move on, but I love her. Just after the New Year she returned, very pregnant, asking me to pay maintenance for the child she’s expecting. She says that I’m the daddy, which I’m quite happy about and am happy to support my baby.

But my friends tell me that there is no way that I could be the daddy, because she couldn’t get pregnant that way. Who is right?

Barbara says: Your friends may have the right idea, but I can’t tell from your description of what happened. Please see your GP and spell it out, in detail, and ask for advice. What I will say is that the digestive system and the reproductive system aren’t connected in any way.

So if you’re saying what I think you are, there’s no chance at all that you’re the daddy. Unless, of course, you want to claim that you are. That’s your (I believe wrong) choice, but it’s your choice.