Is this cat-convert allergic?

I’ve never had much to do with cats. There was always a dog in our house. But my girlfriend has three cats, and they’ve won me over.

They’re so beautiful, intelligent and loving, yet so independent. They sleep on our bed at night, when I stay at hers. But I’ve found that I keep coming out in itchy lumps and bumps.

Could I be allergic to her cats? It would really upset me if that’s the case.

Barbara says: An allergy to cats is usually a difficulty in breathing. I think it’s more likely to be that her cats have fleas, or that there are fleas from her cats in her home. Many people don’t get flea bites from cat fleas, but a few do.

She needs to de-flea her cats on a regular basis. Cats don’t like fleas any more that you do. But clearly, fleas like them, and you. Should you be flattered?