Islington Boxing Club

REGARDING the legal battle between Islington Boxing Club and Boxing London/Left Hook Ltd (Gazette, October 7).

I think it is outrageous that a private company can have the audacity to think it can overide all the hard work and effort that Ron Hagland, Lenny Hagland and all the voluntary staff and committee at Islington Boxing Club have put in over the years.

Ron started the club 38 years ago and has made it his life’s work. Lenny has been a member of the club since he was nine – as a boxer, coach, club manager and more recently, as committee member and now chairman of the committee.

Both Ron and Lenny are very well respected in the boxing community and I find it bitterly disappointing that certain individuals have tried to put profit before the club’s constitution which is to serve the needs of local youngsters.

The club has always strived to make the sport accessible to the more needy in the community and has endeavoured to keep fees as low as possible while trying to maintain a workable and safe environment.

People are attracted to the club because of its tradition and history of developing champions, but Boxing London/Left Hook Ltd are happy to take their money to maximise their own profit while paying a meagre rent, leaving the club to maintain and purchase all the equipment and fittings which are getting hammered seven days a week.

When Mr Avara came to this country 10 years ago, he had the trust and goodwill of Ron Hagland. With the help and kindness of Mr Hagland, he was able to remain in this country to develop and build his own company in design and build.

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He has now made it his business to drain the club’s funds by taking legal action against it.

I would urge all friends of Islington Boxing Club to back the Haglands in their fight to reclaim what is rightfully theirs and for all the hardworking volunteers who have given, and continue to give, support and backing all the way. – Paul Hammick, boxing coach, IBC.