Islington comedian Jimmy Carr launches comedy crisp flavour

COMEDIAN and Islington resident Jimmy Carr has released a new comedy crisp flavour in aid of Red Nose Day.

Mr Carr’s chosen flavour, Jimmy Con Carrne, is part of a new riotous range of Walkers crisps aimed at raising money for the annual charity day. The new comical crisps will be available in shops from today (January 17).

The Islington-based comedian will be competing against four other funny flavours in an bid to raise over �1million pounds. The other comedians taking part in the campaign are Stephen Fry, with Stephen Fry-Up, Al Murray, with Steak and Al Pie and Frank Skinner, with Frank Roast Dinner.

The comedian with the most popular flavour will be crowned the winner, while the loser will face the terrible forfeit of being publicly waxed by a mystery beautician.

Mr Carr said: “What motivated my choice of chilli con carne was obviously a really bad pun, but as luck would have it they’re delicious. I’m pretty confident I won’t get waxed. The hair on my legs is safer than the hair in a German ladies arm pit. And remember, every packet sold raises money for a great cause.”

The winner, and unlucky loser, of the crispy competition will be announced on Red Nose Day, on March 18.