Islington Council evicts squatters from former Ashmount School building

The old Ashmount School building

The old Ashmount School building - Credit: Archant

Around 100 squatters who occupied a former Islington primary school for almost two months were turfed out by the council yesterday.

Witnesses said men, women, children and even dogs were seen peacefully leaving the old Ashmount Primary School building in Hornsey Lane, under the supervision of the police and Islington Council.

The squatters moved in as soon as caretakers left the school in early October, disrupting plans to turn the building in to a free school.

Last week the gazette spoke to residents living close to the building who expressed anger that the squatters were using free electricity.

The building is now being guarded by security personnel from Shergroup, who are being employed by the council.

Squatters can return two at a time to the building to retrieve any belongings that have been left behind until Wednesday (November 27).

Anyone who was living in the building can call 0207 527 1857 to make an appointment.