Islington council leader’s 2012 traffic plan concern

The leader of Islington Council, also chief of transport for all London boroughs, has expressed concerns about travel plans for the 2012 Games.

Cllr Catherine West has called the scheme to cut journeys in the capital by a third “unrealistic”.

She said: “I just feel that 30 per cent figure, which is how much Transport for London (TfL) intends to suppress traffic by, is not well understood in the community, and businesses and residents are not aware of the plan.

“Either that amount is unrealistic, in which case we should stop talking about it, or we say we are going for it, in which case we need a proper plan.

“I don’t want to get TfL offside, but there are safety issues as well. If you have ever been on an overcrowded underground platform, you know what I mean.”

Mark Evers, director of games transport at TfL, said: “The plans we are seeing from the businesses we are working with give us confidence that we will achieve the necessary changes to travel, ensuring that we deliver a great Games while keeping London moving.

“It should also be remembered that we do not need to reduce travel by 30 per cent at all times throughout the Games’ period. The actual levels will vary from day to day depending on the nature of the events taking place.”