Westbourne Road zebra crossing: Campaigner claims pleas have been ignored ‘as it’s not a high profile part of Islington’

Parents and kids gather at the junction of Westbourne Road and Bride Street, where they are demandin

Parents and kids gather at the junction of Westbourne Road and Bride Street, where they are demanding a zebra crossing. Picture: Polly Hancock - Credit: Archant

The town hall has promised to consider a zebra crossing at a “dangerous” crossroads after a campaigner complained she was being ignored.

Guilene Gaspais, who has been leading a parents campaign, said her appeal for a zebra at the Westbourne Road and Bride Street crossroads were being ignored because it’s not a “high profile” area of Islington.

With the junction often busy with school kids, Guilene claims there is a near accident “every day”.

She said neighbours have been asking for a crossing for a decade, and nearly 700 people signed a petition this year.

After being approached by the Gazette, the town hall this week said it has “reached out” on the matter.

For Guilene, it’s about time. “Every day,” she complained, “I see a near accident. Early this year, I got Freedom of Information figures from the Met Police which said there had been 15 collisions on the junction in the past four years. But these near accidents aren’t recorded.

“So many people support a crossing: parents, the playgroup, the church, the cornershop. I guess we’re not in a posh area of Islington. We’re on the estates. It’s such a dangerous area to cross a road.

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“Maybe this area is not high profile enough for the council. We don’t have any high profile people to make it pay attention.

“It’s frustrating because we see lots of areas in Islington made safer with a crossing.”

One example is Leigh Road in Highbury last year, where the council took Abbey Road-style photos as part of its press release promoting the work.

Guilene, who lives on the Grove Estate, continued: “Lots of children cross Westbourne Road and it’s possible we could suffer a really bad accident.”

An Islington Council spokesman said: “We are always keen to improve road safety for pedestrians and all road users wherever we can, and are happy to receive suggestions from residents.

“We have reached out to the campaigner regarding this petition for a zebra crossing in Westbourne Road, near the junction with Bride Street.

“We will consider the request and thoroughly assess the site, just as we do for all requests of this kind, and respond in due course.”