Islington Council to hand Olympic tickets to community heroes

ISLINGTON Council has answered calls to hand over its allotment of Olympic tickets to the public.

The council will be giving people chosen as community heroes the chance to see the Games - after it persuaded businesses to stump up for 100 tickets offered to the borough by the London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games.

Councillors had been urged to hand any tickets over to the community and to not use taxpayers’ money to pay for them.

Councillor Catherine West, the leader of Islington Council, said: “London 2012 is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see the world’s greatest event on our own doorstep.

“The Games are all about heroes so I want our tickets going to Islington’s own community heroes. Those special people who give so much to our borough yet wouldn’t otherwise get the chance to be part of this wonderful occasion.

“What I don’t want is taxpayers picking up the tab, so I’m delighted that businesses have stepped in so generously.”

The 100 tickets will cost �12,240 in total - while any funds left over will be used to buy passes to the London Paralympic Games. Community hero nominations will be announced in 2012.

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Islington Council said it was likely the Mayor of Islington will be offered a ticket.