Islington couple celebrate their Coronation Street wedding

Paul Johnston and Andy Daniel married in the Rover Return on the former Coronation Street set

Paul Johnston and Andy Daniel married in the Rover Return on the former Coronation Street set - Credit: Continuum Leading Attractions

Legendary soap Coronation Street has had its fair share of weddings over the years and it saw its first legal ceremony as an Islington couple said their “I do’s” inside the Rovers Return on Monday.

Paul Johnston, 33, and Andy Daniel, 37, became the first couple to marry at the soap’s former set after it was granted a marriage licence in June.

The newlyweds and 32 of their guests celebrated the wedding inside the Rovers Return pub before having truly unique photos taken around the set.

TV journalist, Paul, said: “I am on such a high, everything about the ceremony and the wedding is so special.

“I’ve written about soap weddings for years so I thought it would be fun to have one of my own, only slightly less eventful and without any births, deaths or long lost children showing up during the ceremony.”

Following a champagne reception in the pub Paul and Andy walked through the doors of Nick’s Bistro to take their first steps as a married couple along the famous cobbles of the fictional Manchester street.

Andy, an events director, said: “I am really happy that we have been able to give our families and friends such a truly memorable experience.

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“We have also made soap history by having a wedding without a punch up.”

The pair, who have been together for 12 years, contacted Coronation Street The Tour as soon as the attraction was announced to enquire about getting married there.

Following more requests the tour operators, Continumm Leading Attractions, obtained a marriage licence and Paul and Andy were allowed to be the first to walk up the aisle - or into the Rovers - on Coronation Street.