Islington exhibition squatters given new home

Squatters who turned an abandoned housing office into an exhibition to highlight dangers in potential legislation have been given a new space next to the National Youth Theatre building in Holloway Road.

As reported in the Gazette last week, the “philanthropic” owner struck a deal with the squatters to let them stay until demolition work began.

He has now fulfilled his promise and offered them a peppercorn deal on a new exhibition space so they can continue their campaign.

The unit is being used for workshops and offices, but the group hope they will be ready to open the show again this week.

Pete Pheonix, who is helping to organise the exhibition, said: “This is exactly the sort of solution we are in favour of – owners of empty buildings and people who want to occupy them getting together. Talk to squatters, rather than try to criminalise us.”

The group are keen to hear from anyone who wants to set up a workshop in the building. For more details, call 07721375474.