Islington Gazette letters, May 31

Railway work could mean damage to our back gardens

Dozens of angry and concerned residents attended a meeting with Network Rail on Thursday about works which threaten their back gardens, as well as threatening trees, vegetation and bird habitats in a site of nature conservation importance.

The meeting revealed that what Network Rail terms “minor reprofiling” could result in some gardens being dug up, using a “mini-digger”, to a depth of one-and-a-half feet with the loss of saplings, plants and shrubs. In some cases, paving or decking put in by residents could be lost – and Network Rail are not intending to pay any compensation. To add insult to injury, Network Rail intends to take the opportunity to put up the rent residents pay on their gardens.

One positive thing that emerged is that Network Rail have not yet taken a final decision as to whether this “reprofiling” work will be necessary. Pressure from those of us who attended the meeting led to a concession by Network Rail that there will be a further consultation with residents before a final decision is taken on this.

Network Rail should be under no doubt that local residents, and Islington Green Party, will be monitoring the situation carefully.

Emma Dixon

Islington Green Party

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Patients missing out on basic care

I am writing to thank Jeremy Corbyn MP for publicly supporting our call for improvements to diabetes healthcare.

Both locally and nationally, too many people with diabetes are not getting the basic checks and services they need to manage their condition. This is unacceptable because people who do not get this basic level of care are at increased risk of devastating complications such as amputation and blindness.

Everyone agrees on the standards of diabetes healthcare that should be in place and the fact that they have never been introduced has had a devastating impact on many people with the condition. We are demanding that the Government puts in place an implementation plan to make this level of care a reality.

I am delighted that Mr Corbyn has added his voice to this demand by signing an early day motion on the subject. I look forward to working closely with him in the future as we continue to campaign for healthcare that really meets the needs of people with diabetes in Islington and across the country.

If people want to help us campaign for better diabetes services locally, then they can sign up to become one of our diabetes voices at

Roz Rosenblatt

Diabetes UK London region manager

Thanks for your support

I’m writing on behalf of the Peacocks store in Old Street to personally thank all of our loyal customers for their support over the past few months when the company went through a difficult period.

We are delighted that Peacocks has recently been bought by the Edinburgh Woollen Mill group and will remain in Finsbury as a Peacocks store. Once again, a very big thank you for all of your support and we look forward to welcoming you very soon.

Anna Connor

Store manager

Thousands may miss out on help

Everyday blind and partially sighted people face extra costs as a direct result of living with sight loss. Disability Living Allowance (DLA) helps cover some of these expenses, so I am extremely concerned by the Government’s plans to replace it, spending 20 per cent less on a new benefit – Personal Independence Payment (PIP).

The proposed test for PIP fails to recognise the challenges faced by people living with sight loss. This could leave thousands of people without support to do everyday things that people with sight take for granted. This could be paying for assistance with repairs or cleaning around the home, or food labelling systems to ensure they don’t eat food which has gone off.

The Government said that PIP would be fair and support disabled people to remain independent, yet many blind and partially sighted people will be excluded.

I have written to Jeremy Corbyn MP to write to the Government raising these concerns on my behalf, but he has not responded. The help blind and partially sighted people get from DLA is not a luxury, it means that they can live independently.

Andy Pike

Dalmeny Road, N7