Gazette letters: Quietway 10, Brexit and These Walls Must Fall campaign

Taxis are the only form of accessible transport for disabled people on the proposed Quietway 10 rout

Taxis are the only form of accessible transport for disabled people on the proposed Quietway 10 route at the moment. Picture: PA IMAGES - Credit: PA Archive/PA Images/Nick Ansell

I have just read the article on the Quietway 10 campaign by Cycle Islington, writes Steve Woods.

While this may appear a good idea on the surface, such schemes always have a knock-on effect for other people.

I don’t live very far from the proposed route, and because of the roads that are closed along the Barnsbury border of Caledonian Road, traffic is already forced to circumnavigate this area, causing increased pollution and congestion “somewhere else”.

And that is my point. We can’t just keep pushing this problem into someone else’s back yard simply because cyclists want somewhere quiet or safer to cycle. One road to the west of Caledonian Road that runs parallel has been closed recently due to pressure from cycling groups and this has had an immediate effect by causing more congestion on the main road. I’m not anti-cyclist and I know I am going to be accused of short-sightedness, but when side roads are closed off, the impact is far greater than some might imagine.

I had a conversation with a delivery driver working for Medequip last week who simply could not find his way to an address he was looking for and was amazed at the circuitous route he would have to take when I described his best option. Medequip deliver to those who cannot get out and access their own supplies and equipment.

Aside from the emergency services, it must also be considered how those with additional needs access transport. Taxis are the only fully accessible mode of transport for the disabled or infirm and are considered an important element of public transport by TfL. If this scheme and others like it are given the green light, access must be allowed for emergency services, taxis and those delivering essential medical supplies to those who desperately need them. We are not all able or fit enough to cycle.

There are currently three versions of Brexit up for consideration, writes Ivor Kenna, chairman, England branch – Celtic League, full address supplied.

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The Chequers Brexit which appears to have establishment approval in England and in the European Union. This version claims to retain the invisibility of the border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

The Boris Brexit which would lead to a hard border between Northern Ireland and the Republic.

Lexit, sponsored by the independent left.

The Celtic League looks forward to shadow prime minister Jeremy Corbyn, shadow foreign secretary Emily Thornberry and shadow Brexit secretary Sir Keir Starmer letting us all know just what the Labour Party’s definitive stance is on Brexit and what input Labour proposes to seek from the voters of Northern Ireland.

Islington has a proud record of helping vulnerable migrants and refugees, writes Cllr Michelline Safi Ngongo, Islington Labour, Hillrise.

From welcoming 14 Syrian refugee families to urging the home secretary to address the appalling conditions at Yarl’s Wood Detention Centre, we have always fought for what is right and against injustice.

I am pleased that, last week, Islington became the first London council to move a motion in support of the campaign to end indefinite detention.

Each year, 30,000 people are detained in the UK. We are the only country in Europe with no time limit on detention. People who are detained are vulnerable, often fleeing conflict or persecution, and are at risk of mental and physical abuse from detention staff.

No one should be forced to wait in limbo for so long, often without legal representation or protection from abuse.

I am pleased Islington has lent its support to These Walls Must Fall’s campaign to end indefinite detention, and hope other London councils follow our example. As a refugee myself, I know how just how welcoming and supportive Islington is. I am proud to call this wonderful borough my home.

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