Islington Greens looking to upset the council’s two-party domination

Green Party, Charlie Kiss, Natalie Bennett (Leader of Green Party), Caroline Russell and Ernestas Je

Green Party, Charlie Kiss, Natalie Bennett (Leader of Green Party), Caroline Russell and Ernestas Jegorovas - Credit: Archant

This year’s election will be a two horse race, but not the one people are expecting, according to Islington Greens.

The party, which beat the current Lib Dem opposition in two of the last three by-elections in the borough, is confident it can snatch seats and play an important role in the council after this election.

Candidates are promising to work for an economy that puts people first, to hold the town hall to account, promote equality and diversity and to protect the environment.

They would also look to be an active opposition, pushing the council to protect public services and small businesses.

More than half of the party’s candidates are female, including Caroline Russell, candidate for Highbury East, who said: “Islington Greens have prepared a strong manifesto and are ready to work with Labour where we agree and challenge where we don’t.

“For example on issues like transport, Labour have been slow off the mark. Greens will continue to press for effective action to reduce air pollution and reduce the need for car trips, treating streets as precious space where people (on foot and on bikes) are prioritised and every opportunity is taken to introduce trees, crossings and safe cycle infrastructure.”

Charlie Kiss, also a candidate for Highbury East said: “Although housing repairs has at last been brought back under council control, some contracts remain and the entire area needs to be scrutinised. We would carry out an audit of all estates to see where new council homes could be built involving residents in the plans. We would keep council rents affordable, introduce a private landlord’s register and ensure transparency.”