Horse groomer from Islington hopes to be next big thing in MMA

Louise Bennett

Louise Bennet has been shortlisted by MMA TV's competition. - Credit: Louise Bennett

A horse groomer from Islington is fighting for her chance to be the next mixed martial arts (MMA) star. 

Louise Bennett works as a yard manager in Beaconsfield by day and learns cage fighting disciplines at the RDX CageFit Gym in Watford in the evening.

This includes grappling, wrestling and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. 

She has been shortlisted by MMA TV for its Find A Star competition, which searches for adults who have a chance of becoming the MMA star. 

Having submitted an application video and image, 20 entrants have been selected to complete a 10-week training programme and undergo a boot camp, before a winner is crowned.

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The prize is a multi-fight contract with promoters Prim3, a long-term contract with Mogul Management, a one-year sponsorship deal with RDX Sports and the opportunity to star in a documentary series.

Louise said: “I’ve been training in MMA for about a year and was considering my next move so this competition is great timing for me.

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"My job is very physical so I’m tired at the end of the day but I really enjoy MMA because I feel I can express myself as it’s about discipline, dedication and determination."

The deadline for entries was December 18.

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