Islington MP swears in parliament

An Islington MP has shocked parliament by using a swearword during a debate on London’s crossrail travel link.

Emily Thornberry, the member for Islington South and Finsbury, used the word “p--s” twice during transport questions last week in the House of Commons

Ms Thornberry said: “Will the Minister join me in urging Crossrail to build some toilets at Farringdon Station? As Councillor Charalambous so eloquently put it: ‘They are causing years of inconvenience to local residents and businesses, this is the least they can do. At the end of the day, men p--s against everything around here, inevitably they’ll be p--sing in their stations and they won’t like it’.”

Politicians present were reportedly shocked, but the speaker John Bercow took no action.

Ms Thornberry said: “I think it was the first time that word has been used in the Commons. I was reading a quote and it seemed the most eloquent way to sum up how local people feel.

“There was a bit of a collective intake of breath when I said it.

“The toilets could be used not just by passengers but by people coming out of clubs at three in the morning. Residents have had to deal with massive disruption during the station upgrade and having these toilets would be a bit of payback.”