Islington MP warns of nuclear arms race

Jeremy Corbyn has warned of a nuclear arms race

Jeremy Corbyn has warned of a nuclear arms race - Credit: Paul Thoma

Jeremy Corbyn urges Commons to think of ‘incalculable dangers’

Nuclear arms will place the world in “incalculable dangers” if an agreement isn’t reached on Middle East disarmament, an Islington MP has said.

Speaking at a Parliamentary debate ahead of a conference reviewing the nuclear non-proliferation treaty, due to begin at the end of next month, Jeremy Corbyn, MP for Islington North, told the Commons disarmament was crucial.

He said: “We have to consider two things. One is the good work that has been done by so many states in divesting themselves of nuclear weapons, in bringing about nuclear weapon-free zones such as in Africa and in Latin America, and in central Asia. They have achieved a great deal. Then the role that we seek to play in that and how we also bring about further nuclear disarmament around the world.”

He added: “If there is not a general agreement on disarmament across the region which includes Israel and Iran then we will see the start of a nuclear arms race with incalculable dangers to the rest of the world.”

The treaty, which came into force 45 years ago, aims to prevent the spread of nuclear weapons and technology.

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