Islington People: Gay couple start timely wedding blog to chart plans and help others

�Across the pond, Barack Obama has shocked parts of right-wing America by announcing that he is in favour of gay marriage.

But in the UK, change is not going to happen any day soon as plans to legalise gay marriage were left out of the Queen’s Speech – despite the coalition Government saying it would change the law by 2015.

Now a gay Islington couple, determined to be “out and proud”, are adding their voices to the debate by blogging about their forthcoming civil partnership – or, as they see it, their “big gay wedding”.


Donny Wong, 38, and Chris Dicken, 35, both of Canning Road, Highbury, who are tying the knot at Islington Town Hall in August, hope their blog will help other gay couples planning their big day.

Chris wrote: “There is a lack of good online materials out there that give advice and experience on this brave new world of gay weddings.

“So we have decided to make a start on creating some sort of resource by documenting all the things that occur to us and the bumps in the road we hit along the way.

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“We hope for this site to become a resource for other gay and lesbian folk who may find themselves facing some of the many issues and challenges we have faced.”

The blog – Donny and Chris are Getting Married – particularly addresses their frustrations at not being able to technically wed.

Web designer Chris said: “We are calling it marriage. The fact that people don’t want me to call it marriage makes me want to call it marriage. Gay marriage is not the thin end of some kind of wedge of social chaos.”

And Donny added: “Some day, it is our hope that true marriage equality will happen so gays and lesbians in all countries will be able to marry in the same way as heterosexual couples.”

But while Chris and Donny are adamant in their views, they believe people on both sides of the debate should be able to express their opinions – so Mayor of London Boris Johnson’s recent decision to block “gay cure” bus adverts was met with mixed feelings.

Donny, who works in pharmaceutical research, said: “Any big city mayoral candidate has no choice but to be gay friendly. But I’m a free speech advocate. It’s better if people are allowed to say it.”

The loudest voices speaking against gay marriage are parts of the Christian community – voices Chris knows better than most, being from an evangelical Christian background.

He has found old friends supportive personally but uncomfortable when invited to the wedding.

He said: “This is one occasion when they are forced to face up to what they think about gay people.”