Islington People: The Lorelles

While Lil’ Mix take the fast track to stardom, The Lorelles won’t mind taking the scenic route.

Unlike the X Factor winners, the girls won’t be helping themselves to an estimated �8m in endorsements; they will be giving away every penny they make to charity.

The three-piece girl group – made up of Lizzie Hibbert, 26, of Holloway Road, Holloway, and friends Rosie Adediran, 27, and Therese Laverton, 26 – have teamed up with Ignito, a charity that uses music to keep teenagers out of gangs by offering free music lessons.

All money raised from their new single Riot In My Heart, inspired by the summer riots, will go to helping disadvantaged children.

Lizzie, a nanny by day, said: “We write more than just bubblegum pop. It’s something a bit deeper that people can relate to. There’s an added dimension.

“Everyone was so down about the situation, but we thought what good could come out of it?”

She added: “We know from our own experience how difficult it is to get a break without millions of pounds backing you. It is easy to get trapped into a mundane cycle, but we wanted to inspire young people to keep going.”

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Ignito’s project provided the opportunity for the song’s message to come to life.

Rosie, a singing teacher, said: “It’s great to hook up with a charity that reflected the values of the song.

“These kids have no provision, no other option than to get in with the wrong crowd. We think it’s important to be aware and to use your gift to help others and not just fulfil your own dreams.”

The launch night at the O2 Academy Islington in Parkfield Street raised more than �200 alone but, even though the girls have to work, Rosie said choosing to give their money away wasn’t a hard decision.

She told the Gazette: “We had such a good response to the song that we thought maybe it was the time to do something for charity. We are at the stage where it can only do good for us.

“It’s not going to be big bucks and the publicity is good.”

The girls have been backed by the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, after they serenaded him at the Rhythm of Life busking competition, in which they were finalists.

Boris said of the girls: “After this year’s shocking disturbances it has been inspiring to see Londoners coming together for their city and their exciting link-up with Ignito will help young Londoners wanting to develop their music and performing skills.”