Islington podcaster secures rare interview on transphobia with Chaz Bono

Left to right: Dan Hudson and James Barr. Picture: Corinne Cumming

Left to right: Dan Hudson and James Barr. Picture: Corinne Cumming - Credit: Archant

An Islington podcaster has secured a rare interview with the son of Cher and Sonny Bono.

Chaz Bono will appear on an episode of the A Gay And A NonGay podcast, hosted by comedians Dan Hudson and James Barr, which will be available from September.

The writer and trans-activist, who is Cher and Sonny Bono’s son, does not normally interview outside of film and TV show promotion but made an exception for this podcast to directly address British listeners on rising transphobia in the UK.

READ MORE: Gay Islington couple will be among the first in the UK to marry when same sex marriage becomes legalDuring the in-depth interview Chaz recalled his own coming-out experience, opened up about his changing relationship with Cher and his recent appearance as transgender Joey Funkhouser in HBO’s Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Speaking about the controversy surrounding JK Rowling, Harry Potter fan Chaz said: “It’s dangerous because I don’t think people realise that she’s just regurgitating the same things that people are saying about us that have been debunked for 30 years.”

Chaz also said accusations against trans men of “lesbian erasure” are unfounded: “I was never a lesbian so I can’t erase.

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“I should never have been counted as a lesbian. I never fit in, I tried for 40 years.

“Even if you come to it later in life, transgender people are transgender people. I was never a lesbian, nor was I ever a woman, I was always transgender, it just took time to figure it out.”

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A Gay And A NonGay is an award-winning LGBTQ+ British podcast, in which James and Dan’s aim is to talk with honesty while promoting equality, freedom, friendship and laughter.

Islington’s Dan said they conducted the interview virtually because Chaz was in LA and they are in London.

“He was really cool, super chill, and he had a lot of interesting points to make about transphobia and accepting trans men are men and trans women are women,” Dan said.

Last year they recorded a BBC documentary - From Gay To NonGay? - which shone a light on so-called gay conversion therapy in the UK.

The duo is also raising money for trans youth charity Mermaids by selling customisable clothes as part of a range called the Pronoun Collection.

The A Gay and a NonGay Podcast with Chaz will be available from September 2.

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