Islington residents charged four times more than Camden for waste disposal

Residents on a Barnsbury �estate are furious that they are being charged four times more for waste �disposal than their Camden neighbours.

Homes For Islington (HfI) charge people on Thornhill Houses, off Thornhill Road, �193.60 per hour for the �removal of bulk items from the estate.

But a Freedom of Information request, seen by the �Gazette, shows Camden Council charge just �44.65 for the same service – more than four times as much.

Peter Cain, chairman of the Thornhill Houses tenants’ association, said: “We are being completely ripped off, it should be a free service. Some of the people on the estate are really angry about this.

“Last year it was it was �132.68 per hour. Obviously they thought they could bung a few extra hundred thousand on that account.

“HfI overcharge us for every single thing you can think of – leaseholders pay through the nose for everything.”

A spokeswoman for HfI said: “It is not always possible to make effective cost comparisons with other landlords as ways of costing the service may vary from borough to borough.

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“When compared like for like, we would maintain that the cost of our bulk services bears comparison with others and this is borne out by the fact that actual charges for this service in 2010/11 at Thornhill Mansions was only �16.17 (about 31p a week).”