Islington’s diners asked to fork out for charity

DINERS are being asked to fork out for more than just their dinner when they eat out in the borough.

Islington Giving, a campaign that aims to tackle the social divide between the borough’s rich and poor, is asking people to add an extra �1 to their restaurant bill and help raise money for charity.

The coalition of charitable trusts such as the Cripplegate Foundation and the Morris Charitable Trust aims to raise �3million over three years.

Kristina Glenn, director of the Cripplegate Foundation, said: “When people think of Islington, they think it’s a very wealthy area but Islington’s poverty is hidden. What we’re trying to say to people is, ‘You live here, you work here, you have a responsibility – to help make Islington a better place for all of us.’

“We’re a coalition of five funders working in Islington. Between us we have more than 1,000 years of experience of working in this borough. We will quality assure where the money goes and make sure the money goes to the right people.”

The Fork Out for Islington campaign was launched by Business Design Centre boss Jack Morris – chairman of Islington Giving’s appeal committee – and restaurateur George Hussein.

Mr Hussein is placing small cards on the tables of his restaurant Fish Central, in King Square, Finsbury, that ask diners to contribute to Islington Giving by adding �1 to their bill.

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Ms Glenn said: “George has always been very generous in terms of supporting local people. He’s always been involved in the community and he is always someone who is looking to help. If he can do it, then we will talk to other restaurants. Islington is very famous for dining out – and diners’ �1 tip will make all the difference.”