Islington’s Green Party membership rockets more than 60 per cent in January

Charlie Kiss: 'We are the main challengers to Labour in Islington'

Charlie Kiss: 'We are the main challengers to Labour in Islington' - Credit: Archant

Membership of the Green party has surged almost 70 per cent in Islington during January.

In December, there were 329 members in the borough, but following an influx this month there are now 552 card carriers.

At the council elections last May, there were just 147 Islington members.

Charlie Kiss, Green Party candidate for Islington South and Finsbury, said “Last time the Greens fought an election here we had less than a third of the members we have today and still finished a solid second in both the European and the local elections.

“With our huge growth of members we will be able to fight the upcoming General Election on a whole new level. It’s clear we are the main challengers to Labour in Islington.”

Caroline Russell, candidate for Islington North, said: “A poll this week shows Green support on 8 per cent across London[3]. That level of increase would put the us second in Islington North and experiencing a surge of support in Islington South and Finsbury.

She added; “It’s evident that only the Greens are standing for anti-austerity, action on climate change and a living wage for all.”

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