Islington’s tactical voting leaflets posted by Tory voter

The leaflet that was posted through letterboxes over the weekend

The leaflet that was posted through letterboxes over the weekend - Credit: Archant

Green party candidate says he met flyer distributer who wants to ensure a Conservative led government by getting fellow tories to vote Lib Dem

Charlie Kiss, Green candidate for Islington South and Finsbury

Charlie Kiss, Green candidate for Islington South and Finsbury - Credit: Archant

A mysterious political leaflet which has sparked a police investigation is the innocent work of a worried Conservative voter, an Islington South and Finsbury candidate has revealed.

The posters, which were pushed through letter boxes over the weekend, tell electors that voting for Islington South and Finsbury Conservative candidate Dr Mark Lim is “a wasted vote” and that if voters want to see another Conservative-led government they should vote Liberal Democrat.

But Charlie Kiss, parliamentary candidate for the Green Party in the south of the borough, says he has come met the phantom flyerer, a lawyer who is trying to encourage fellow Tories to vote tactically to prevent Labour from retaining the seat.

Mr Kiss said: “I happened to meet the woman who was delivering the cards yesterday in Holloway ward. I asked her more about her self.

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“She said she was a Conservative Supporter who wanted other conservatives to vote tactically for the Lib dems to stop Labour keeping the seat.”

Police were asked to investigate the matter over fears that one of the political parties vying for votes was behind the controversial flyers, with the Conservative and Lib Dems both denying any involvement and Labour candidate Emily Thornberry saying that whoever posted the leaflets was guilty of pursuing “a very US-style dirty tricks campaign.”

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Lib Dem candidate Terry Stacy did however comment that he thought the general message was correct, in that “the Tories haven’t got a hope in hell in Islington.”

However, Mr Kiss said that he did not agree with the leaflet’s message: “The thing is, that this constituency is one of the most interesting seats in the country. The Lib Dems did well in 2005 but politics has moved on a lot since then. Last year (in the council elections) the Greens got 20 per cent of the vote and Lib dems 15pc and lost all their councillors.

“The Green Party is a viable option here and this sort of material distorts reality. Our archaic voting system is not fit for purpose and encourages people to consider voting tactically.

“The truth is that the election outcome is a guessing game. There should be no place in our democracy for voting for someone you dont’ agree with just to keep out a party you agree with less.

“If everyone voted for the party that matched their views, we would all know where we stood. People should vote for what they truly believe in.”

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