Islington start-ups: Card holder-cum-bag carries weight

Nymodig founder Jindarat Srisuk

Nymodig founder Jindarat Srisuk - Credit: Archant

City University student Jindarat Srisuk caused quite a stir at the recent “Made @ City” event with her start-up Nymodig London, which combines a purse and a carrier bag into one!

Jindarat, named Fish by her friends, started the company from home during her time at City University as a way to avoid paying the 5p that shops charge for carrier bags.

“I always forget a bag when I do shopping, and I dislike having to pay 5p for the plastic bags.

“As a consequence, I have a stockpile of these bags that are hoarded in my cupboard as they’re rarely reused.

“So I wondered how I can find a solution to this problem.”

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The card holder stores within it a fold-out bag, which is easily retractable once used. You’ll be able to pick yours up soon at

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