Islington whiskey festival for those who hate the rain

A brand new festival for those who don’t like the sloshing about in a muddy field is coming to Islington this autumn.

Pure Festival - Whiskey Not Wellies - takes place at the Relentless Garage, Holloway Road, Highbury, on September 24 and 25 and offers revellers that chance to check out bands and bourbon’s under the same roof.

Acts such as The Ravonettes and Electric Soft Parade will do their thing, while punters can learn the difference between a single malt and a rye.

Nick McEwan, festival organiser, said: “It’s a totally new idea. There are a lot of music festivals, and quite a lot of whiskey festivals, but they are mainly 60-year-olds drinking 30-year-old whiskey. This is for a younger crowd who like music, but want to enjoy their drinking rather than get hammered.”