‘It’s time to clear streets of rubbish and recycling’ - Tufnell Park residents

Councillor Tracy Ismail

Councillor Tracy Ismail - Credit: Archant

Uncollected trash causing nuisance for families

Rubbish in Tufnell Park Road

Rubbish in Tufnell Park Road - Credit: Archant

People in a neighbourhood they say is plagued by overflowing bins and rubbish in the streets are calling on the town hall to take action.

Those living near Tufnell Park Road claim there is a constant problem with uncollected rubbish, recycling and discarded waste, which is both an eyesore and a potential trip hazard for older people.

Cllr Tracy Ismail, Lib Dem representative of Junction ward, says things have been getting worse ever since Islington Council brought refuse collections back in-house in July in a bid to shave £3million off the cost.

She said: “We have got an ongoing problem with overflowing bins. Whenever you go out in Tufnell Park you see rubbish in the street. I think people assume it will be picked up.

“The other day I saw a load of dumped tyres – not normals ones but huge lorry tyres.

“To be fair if you call the council they will come and deal with it, but it’s just a quick fix, not a long term solution.”

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“I don’t know what the problem is, but it definitely seems to have got worse since the service was brought back in-house.

“We used to have a road sweeper every day and you very rarely see him now.”

The town hall say spending on refuse collection hasn’t dropped since Labour was elected.

Benali Hamdache, who lives in nearby Ward Road, said: “The bins are often overflowing. It’s a massive issue.

“It’s a tripping hazard for older people and young mothers, as well as not being very nice.


“The council is also failing to collect recycling from some estates, which will discourage people. The rubbish is unsightly and collecting it is a simple way to make neighbourhoods better.”

Cllr Rakhia Ismail, Islington Council’s executive member for sustainability, said, “Street cleaning has not been reduced in Tufnell Park or anywhere else since the service was brought in-house.

“If residents notice illegally dumped items, or have any concerns about street cleaning, they can contact us by calling 020 7527 2000 or online through My eAccount and we will deal with matters promptly.”