Jay Kirton

Jay Kirton, CISTA candidate for Islington South and Finsbury

Jay Kirton, CISTA candidate for Islington South and Finsbury - Credit: Archant

Drug reform party Cannabis Is Safer Than Alcohol (CISTA) candidate for Islington South and Finsbury

Age: 21

Address: Islington

Marital status: Self Love

Children: None

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Interests outside politics: I am a former World and European karate champion. I support the fostering of future generations of young karate students to help with the ongoing problem faced with knife crime in the UK. ​

I am also a passionate creative, specialising in fine art photography working to use the connections I have built to bring youths that wouldn’t usually get the opportunity into more positive creativity-inspiring environments.

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I am studying many things including holistic healing therapies - trying to get to the root of the problems in the community, learning to remove them from the basis of which they are generated and understanding I am dealing with humans and not statistics.

We all have spiritual and material needs and I believe that by helping people meet these needs with balance and support we can ease the current situations we face. I have first hand experience of gang culture, growing up on the Elthorne Estate, Archway.

Current job: Model at select model Management

Any directorships/ other financial interests: My interests are mainly spread around community projects that don’t have the financial backing they deserve. I am currently working on a business plan that centres on mentoring youths and elevating them, helping them to help themselves into various industries and breaking down boundaries between the working class and others.

What jobs/ interests will you continue with if elected: I will continue to focus my energies on increasing the general health and wellbeing of the community physically and mentally, halting social cleansing and gentrification of London, Drug law reform, and the freeing of vital information not currently portrayed in mass culture or by current unrepresentative governments or medias outlets.

What is your local connection to the area: I was born in the Whittington hospital and I have always lived in Islington. I have been to schools in Islington and Camden. Having witnessed some of the areas worst moments I now vow to create nothing but positive energy in every moment I am blessed to be a part of this community.

If I am elected, the first thing I will do is: Campaign vigorously for a Royal Commission on a review of the UK’s drug laws.

My main motivation for standing as a candidate for CISTA stems from my ambition to stop money from the cannabis market flowing into the hands of organised criminal gangs who prey on communities. The UK desperately needs to reform its drug policy so that this lucrative industry can be regulated in a safe environment and so people don’t have to resort to involvement with dangerous criminal gangs.

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