Jeremy Corbyn is already being held to account by his Islington constituents

Lucy Case

Lucy Case - Credit: Archant

We asked shoppers what questions they would like us to pose to the new Labour leader

He may only have been elected as the Labour Party’s leader a couple of hours ago, but the Islington public are not about to give Jeremy Corbyn an easy ride.

This morning, we spoke to shoppers outside the town hall after the Islington North MP was announced as winner of the election.

Reporter James Morris asked members of the public what matter they would like to grill him on, which we will put to the man himself.

Over to you, Jeremy.

Lucy Case, 22, of Northampton Park, Canonbury, asked: “There’s so much inequality in this country, from the cradle to the grave. What will you do to change that?”

She added: “I feel very proud as an Islington resident. Politics has become so right wing, so this is such a refreshing change. I think everyone is just excited about actually having an alternative option.

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“He’s so amazing as an MP, it almost feels like we don’t deserve someone that good! I think it’s inevitable he will have to take a step back from some Islington duties, but he will still interact. I don’t think we should begrudge him going to less pensioners’ meetings.

“As leader, I think he will have a good chance. Even people who think they are right wing will agree with his policies. I really think he will strike a chord with the country.”

Rosie Foley, 22, of Sutton Dwellings, Upper Street: “Housing is so expensive. I am currently living with my parents and want that to change. What are you going to do for young people and housing in Islington?”

Rosie claimed Mr Corbyn’ 59.5% share of the vote will be a big boost, and said: “He has clearly got a good mandate with the share of the vote he received.

“I always thought he would be a good leader. Six years ago I went on a school trip to Parliament to see him and he was just inspirational. I think he will be a fair leader and well rounded in terms of constituency MP. Emily Thornberry is my MP, but I hear so much more about him.”

Will Dixon, 30, of Aberdeen Park, Canonbury: “Who would you rather face in the general election: George Osborne or Boris Johnson?”

Conservative voter Will has welcomed Mr Corbyn’s emergence. He said: “It’s been exciting for a real debate to happen in politics. There is a large section of left wing people in society, and it’s good that Jeremy Corbyn represents that.

“At least with Corbyn, he won’t pretend about what he stands for, whereas Ed Milliband always seemed a bit faux.”

Tessa Moloney, 59, of Quick Street, off City Road: “What are your ideas to bring unity and coherence back to the Labour Party?”

While Corbynmania has gripped many parts of Islington, Tessa is less enthused: “I don’t think a lot of this. He’s well known as a good constituency MP, and it means he has more duties which is a concern for me.

“He won’t have a chance as leader, because the majority of British people are Little Englanders. But it will be good for him to lead a new debate and it’s good for the Labour Party to have a left wing.”

Stewart Allen, 50, of Hackney: “We don’t have the money for renationalisation. Would you instead work with the private energy companies to tell them what’s required?”

He said: “Some of the ideas he has are good but not feasible, like renationalisation of energy firms. He’s a step back. He’s the wrong man for the job. The Labour Party will suffer under him and won’t win the election.”

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