Just how long will roadworks go on?

HAS anybody got any idea of how many more years the roadworks in the Angel area are going on for before they are finished?

I say years, as they began last February in 2010 at the bus stops adjacent to Angel Tube station going south.

They then transferred across the road at various times stopping up White Lion street causing wholesale diversions of traffic that uses that road including at least three bus routes. They then went to the stretch between Liverpool Road and the Business Design Centre at Islington Green on that side of the road.

Incidentally, this has caused the A1 trunk road going northbound to be reduced to one (yes, one) lane for traffic trying pass the bus stops at the Angel on that side of the road.

Often buses trying to get past from the first stop are held up because of buses at the next stop. These buses trying to get past then block the whole of the outside lane because of traffic lights of which here seem to be no end between Liverpool Road and Islington Green.

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Now they have started working back up the south bound side between Islington Green and Duncan Street as well as having the central reservation barriered off on both sides in the centre of the road.

Who is responsible for this mayhem and mess up? No wonder London traffic is getting more and more snarled up if we keep on getting schemes like this foisted on us.

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Another idea that seems to be coming up is the re-routing of the traffic at Highbury Corner. I will admit that it is not perfect due to the amount of traffic that uses it.

But to replace it as it was before the war, with Canonbury Road making a junction with St Paul’s Road, and then making another junction with both Upper Street and then Holloway Road, does not make sense to me.

But then when have the planners who dream up these ideas ever considered the people – i.e. the motorists, truck drivers, cyclists, bus passengers, pedestrians etc; who actually have to use them. Never, I suspect. – J.E. Kirby, Avone House, Clissold Court, N16.

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