Kemme reveals injury frustration at Arsenal

Arsenal's Tabea Kemme during the Emirates Cup match at the Emirates Stadium, London.

Arsenal's Tabea Kemme during the Emirates Cup match at the Emirates Stadium, London. - Credit: PA Wire/PA Images

Tabea Kemme has spoken about her injury-hit time at Arsenal Women, which forced her into making the decision to retire in January.

Speaking to the German Football Association, Kemme said: “Unfortunately, because of my injury, I could hardly step on the pitch for Arsenal.

“It has always been my wish that I make the step abroad through football. I was able to fulfil this dream. In terms of sport, it was complicated for me because I couldn’t help the club. But personally, I took a lot with me – linguistically, culturally and also athletically.”

When asked about retirement she added: “No player wants such an ending, that’s for sure. But I never fell into a hole because I personally thought of a very precise plan early on.

“Immediately after graduating from high school, it was clear to me that I had to build a second mainstay so that I didn’t just bet on football. That totally benefits me today.

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“I wanted to make sure that something caught me if I had to finish my career unplanned. And that’s exactly what has happened now. It almost seems like I predicted it back then. I am happy to be able to work as a police officer soon. It’s a great perspective, I’m looking forward to it”

Kemme was also asked if she might potentially return to football at some point, but the German international said: “No, the past weeks and months have shown that very clearly. My game was always very physical. I am no longer able to play at the highest load. I can no longer stop well from a full sprint.

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“These are important factors in football. If I did it anyway, I had huge problems afterwards, so I even had to take painkillers. At that point I knew there was no longer any point. I’m not doing my body a favour. I have to stop.”

Kemme joined the Gunners from Turbine Potsdam in July 2018 but went on to make just three appearances, with her final one coming in the Emirates Cup pre-season match against Bayern Munich in July where she only lasted 45 minutes due to picking up an injury.

She also won 47 caps for Germany, netting six goals, and won Olympic gold at the 2016 Rio Games and also the 2010 World Cup.

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