King’s Cross bar has opening hours cut

A party bar that boasts the latest music and DJs has had its hours scaled back after a string of complaints from fed-up neighbours about punters spilling out onto the forecourt.

The Star of Kings, York Way, King’s Cross – which was allowed to cater for up to 400 people – regularly attracted music-lovers to its late-night gigs.

But neighbours claim the fast-regenerating area, which was once famous for clubbing with major venues such as The Cross, The Keys and Canvas, is no longer an industrial wasteland suitable for late-night partying, but a residential neighbourhood where people want to be able to sleep in peace.

The pub will now have to stop serving booze at midnight and at 1am on Fridays and Saturdays, while it can now only have up to 300 people at any one time.

It used to be able to sell alcohol and have music and dancing until midnight during the week and until 2am on Fridays and Saturdays.

Islington Council decided to review the pub’s licence after neighbour Michael Sweeney complained about punters’ behaviour, particularly on special events – for which the venue would obtain temporary extra late-night event licences.

Mr Sweeney submitted a 44-strong petition and another four neighbours also wrote to the council begging it to take action. In a letter to the council, Mr Sweeney, of York Way Court, off Copenhagen Street, King’s Cross, said he had been complaining for 12 years about the “extreme loud noise, pollution and antisocial behaviour” by drinkers arriving at and leaving the venue between 10pm and 4am. He continued: “Over 12 years ago, this club venue overlooked derelict wasteland and was then very much in an industrial area. The club could then make as much noise and do what they wanted.

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“However over 700 families have moved into the area and it has now completely been transformed into a 95 per cent residential area.

“Also a further 114 new family homes will be built by next spring. These residents are going to be shocked and horrified when they see crowds of drinkers, many intoxicated, standing outside, making loud noise and causing antisocial behaviour.”

He added that residents were so upset by customers “urinating in their gardens and fornicating” that they have erected their own metal fence at the entrance to York Way Court.

The pub declined to comment

A spokesman for The Star of Kings declined to comment.