King’s Cross pub licence row

A King’s Cross resident is so fed up with late night noise outside a pub she has asked the council to slash its licence.

Lorraine Gibney, 43, who lives in Copenhagen Street, says the row from people fighting, shouting and loitering outside the Star of Kings, in nearby York Way, keeps her and her two teenage sons up all night.

At a meeting tonight the council will consider her request to force the pub, which has a state of the art Funktion One soundsystem in the basement, to close at 11pm on weekend, rather than 2am as it does currently.

She said: “This has been going on a while and I have just had enough now. I have had meetings with the manager and the owner and nothing much has changed. I told them if they wouldn’t do something, I would.

“People are outside the pub at all hours doing all kinds of things – anything you can think of – and it keeps us up all night.

“We are absolutely exhausted – too tired to function. It’s not good for my sons studies. I spend all Sunday catching up on my sleep. I have even had to move bedrooms so my sons can get some sleep. I don’t want them to shut down, but it is just too much.”

Rob Hives, owner of the pub, said: “We have spoken to the council at length about what we can to better so people aren’t disturbed. We have put in a lot of measures and we are doing everything we can to reduce any impact on neighbours.”

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He continued: “We are only one of a number of venues in the area and I think we bear the brunt of noise complaints about people who haven’t even been to our pub.

“We want to engage the community and work with people so we can be here a long time. We want everyone to live happily together.”