Label spelling mistakes give away fake wine at Archway shop

A store has been caught selling what is thought to be fake Australian wine – after a trading standards swoop found dozens of bottles that even misspelled the country on the labels.

Express Stop in Holloway Road, Archway, faces losing its alcohol licence after 55 bottles of suspected counterfeit Jacob’s Creek-branded wine from “Austrlia” were seized in March.

The shop goes up against town hall licensing chiefs tonight – as Islington Council’s battle against dodgy booze rumbles on. It has already quashed five licences in recent months.

David Fordham, Islington Council’s trading standards service manager, said: “The wine is not believed to be harmful to consume, but there is no doubt that consumers who believed and paid for genuine Jacob’s Creek will suffer detriment if supplied with counterfeit product.” The duty evaded had the goods been sold was �92.

A website address was also misspelled and bottles were the wrong shape and colour.

Manager Arshad Mahmood said: “It was a one-off and a genuine mistake. It was purchased in good faith and believed to be genuine. I have been here 12 years and this is the first time it has happened.”