Lady Gaga’s bra’s not quite shocking enough for us...

If you’re managing to read this in these snow-sodden times, then that means one of two things. Either you have managed to escape from your house by burrowing a tunnel through the snow like a supermole or your friendly local Islington Gazette delivery person has trudged through the icy white blankets like a true hero.

Either way, what an achievement. There’s nothing so debilitating as a heavy snow shower. I am writing this column from a surprise location where I have been marooned for the last two days because of the weather. I say it’s a surprise location because I wasn’t expecting to be stuck here. I want to go home. Who knew that a person could miss Islington so much? The sooner that this snow melts and I can get back to the grey skies of N1, the better.

This column finds me misty-eyed at the end of yet another year, although it obviously isn’t officially Christmas yet because I still haven’t heard that Pogues song on the radio and that’s always my sign that Crimble is finally here.

Still, if Santa hasn’t made it to Islington yet, then at least we’ve had one famous visitor in the last week. Lady Gaga – yes, you heard me right, Lady Gaga – gave revellers at the O2 Academy 2 Islington a shock last week when she appeared on stage at a gig by a band called Semi Precious Weapons, who certainly sound like a cuddly, take them home to your mother type outfit.

Lady G gave the spontaneous performance in her bra. How disappointing for the crowd to see her wearing something so humdrum. The singer usually wears something more exciting, like Chicken McNuggets or 101 dalmatians knitted together. Next time you come to Islington, Gaga, do wear one of your usual meat outfits please – although don’t expect anybody to kiss you at the end of the night. Not unless they’re really hungry.

There have been a lot of exciting goings-on in the borough in 2010 and it’s been my pleasure to sprinkle fairy dust all over them in this column. Next year, let’s hope for even more good news and less of the bad stuff. Thanks for sticking with me this year and here’s wishing you and your family a fabulously twinkly Christmas and a very happy New Year.