Last thing we need is a ‘bin tax’

WITH regard to your story about reycling dodgers being ticketed by the council (Gazette, November 25), at a time of recession and rising unemployment it is outrageous that the council should even be considering penalising residents by the introduction of what will be seen as little more than a bin tax.

Estate recycling in most areas has proved to be counter-productive, with collection rates being as low as 10 per cent.

Islington Council should be concentrating on raising these rates through publicity and the re-issue of collection bags to all estate households. The last thing the borough needs are more snoopers and wardens.

The council needs to concentrate on its core functions such as collecting our rubbish, cleaning our streets and pavements, and at this time of year, keeping them regularly gritted and free from ice and snow. – Dave Barnes, Islington Taxpayers’ Alliance, via e-mail

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