Late night Finsbury Park club faces review

�A late night club had its hours slashed on Monday after residents complained that noise from drunk, fighting customers is making their lives a misery.

Arda 2, in Seven Sisters Road, Holloway, sold alcohol until 3am and played live music until 4am on the weekends, but now they have to shut by 11pm Monday to Saturday and 10.30pm on Sunday.

Islington Council made the decision after complaints from neighbours sparked action from councillor Michael O’Sullivan, representing Finsbury Park ward, and Jeremy Corbyn, MP for Islington North.

One resident said: “My partner and I are woken by people leaving Arda 2 on a regular basis, any time between midnight and 5am.

“They park in front of our driveway, blocking our car in completely, shouting to each other as they come and go. They added: “I have seen people who are clearly drunk just get in a car and drive off.”

Another resident said: “I am woken without fail every Saturday and a lot of Friday nights by Arda 2 customers. I strongly believe that the broken sleep I have every weekend is affecting my health. I have very early starts in my job and I never get proper rest at weekends.”


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A resident, who lives 200 yards away from the premises, said they were regularly disturbed by people “shouting and fighting” as they left the club.

The venue was also given conditions on their licence to keep the noise down when people are leaving, but once they get acoustic treatment fitted they will be allowed to stay open until 2am on Friday and Saturday nights and until midnight the rest of the week.

Degar Haehekuri, speaking on behalf of the licence holder, said: “We try to keep everything quiet and safe – we have security and we keep the door closed so the music doesn’t escape. The neighbours complain about our customers, but a lot of the time it is people going to the minicab office next door.

“That is the main problem, a lot of the time it’s nothing to do with us.”