Gazette letters: Morrisons at Holloway, CS1 and St Mungo’s

Morrisons at Nag's Head. Picture: CHRISTOPHER FROOME

Morrisons at Nag's Head. Picture: CHRISTOPHER FROOME - Credit: Christopher Froome

This is Morrisons in Holloway, writes Christopher Froome, Holloway.

I shop here. People are sleeping in stairs and the fire exit.

It is a joke.

Human faeces is on the walls and floors.

There are needles, etc.

You may also want to watch:

What is London coming to?

It was so clean here 20 years ago.

I understand the cycle superhighway for Balls Pond Road is going ahead for the safety of cyclists riding between Kingsbury Road and Culford Road (“Cycle Superhighway work in Balls Pond Road is set to begin – after four-year wait”), writes Jessie White, address supplied.

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But I feel this completely ignores the safety of the residents of the three estates on Kingsbury Road – mainly made up of young families and the elderly.

At the top of the road is an infants’ school where a lot of the children of our residents attend.

There is a cycle path that runs over the hill directly outside the school and is super busy during the morning school run time.

Being that it is on a hill means there is little to no warning before a cyclist appears.

They speed down the road and when they turn right into Balls Pond Road the majority of them do not stop at the red light.

Again, a crossing used mostly by families with children of a morning.

Having one small one-way road as entrance to three estates means the road is a high foot traffic area.

Putting in place a road to encourage more cyclists to use is going to seriously congest a small quiet residential road.

With a seriously dangerous road leading from King Henry’s walk into Balls Pond Road where cars mount the pavement daily to turn the corner and now implementing a cycle path on the next road, we are losing our safe crossings to wheels.

With two primary schools and two nurseries mainly accessed by these roads, it is a concern for the safety of the residents in this area. My neighbours also share my concern.

No doubt, the best source of news in Islington is the Islington Gazette website and I glance at it daily to keep in tune with what is being recorded in the community, writesMichael McElligott, Amwell Street, Islington.

The paper is also a great launch pad for ideas.

For me, Islington Council does not have many ideas, if any, to help the community and with the council tax increase we basically pay more for less.

It makes me feel like I am being mugged in broad daylight.

I did observe the idea of St Mungo’s wanting to build up a volunteering team to help the homeless. Well, if only they could pull houses out of their arses or the clouds then that would solve the issue, as that’s the answer – more housing! Eureka moment!

The council has no remedy bar soundbites (e.g. “blame the Tories”).

Well, you cannot live in a soundbite or eat one if homeless or hungry, I think.

Pure political baloney at huge costs to the council tax payer.

So, I think, the council or St Mungo’s should buy a double decker bus or two – deck them out and provide services. For example, have a doctor; help people who have fallen on hard times fill out forms or just get their heads down out of the rain.

You could pay for it by advertising on the side of the bus and park in Barnsbury.

I reckon that would help the privileged rich take an interest in the poor and solutions may suddenly be generated.

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