Live review: Cocknbullkid

The latest bright Brit hope, the sharp tongue of east London’s Cocknbullkid, playing at Camden’s Barfly, is swamped with pop treacle. Can she break through it?

Touted by the world and his wife for success, Cocknbullkid – aka Anita Blay – had a lot to live up to at this small showcase gig.

And while her casual banter and hulking, multi-coloured shoulder pads showed she’s no wallflower, her breezy pop hardly suits the brash, ballsy moniker kept from her rapping days.

Even in the flesh her pure, light voice isn’t distinctive enough to stick in your head; she relies on lyrical mantras to sledgehammer their way in instead, abetted by bright-but-bland lollipop melodies that fail to sweeten the blows.

Current single Hold On To Your Misery is a confection in point, the lyrics’ ironic cynicism all but bludgeoned out of it by a lobotomised, gospel-tinged stomp.

One Eye Closed saw a Blues Brothers riff segue into yawn-tastic Cheryl Cole territory, but this and the ABBA-aping Yellow were outshone by the more original comedy-pop of Asthma Attack and boisterous Mexico.

The shouty, guitar-pop stomp of set closer I Deserve It shows further lyrical nous and charisma - a sign that Blay may be underselling herself with pop’n’bull.