BNP candidate to stand in Islington election

The fifth candidate standing at next week’s by-election will be representing the British National Party (BNP).

Walter Barfoot, a retired builder who lives in Caledonian Road, is a long standing member of the BNP and has also lived in Islington for many years.

A spokesman for the party said: “Our policies are well known. We want to try and stand in every single election; local, national and European. We want to give people an option – it is not just about winning, it is about taking part.”

The BNP website states: “Native British are now treated like second-class citizens in our own country, whilst asylum-seekers and immigrants are pushed to the front of the queue for housing, jobs and benefits.”

It adds: “Towns and cities all over our beautiful country now resemble parts of Africa or Asia. British people have become a minority in many areas already, and within a few decades, we will become a minority across the country as a whole.”

Councillor Catherine West, leader of Islington Council, said: “We don’t welcome the BNP being in this by-election, but I am confident Islington will show its belief in the diverse community that we have.”