Boris calls Clerkenwell residents ‘bourgeois nimbys’ in row over Royal Mail site

Mayor of London Boris Johnson

Mayor of London Boris Johnson - Credit: Mayor's Office

Boris Johnson labelled Clerkenwell residents “bourgeois nimbys” when asked to answer for his decision to call in the Mount Pleasant development.

The Mayor of London was speaking at a meeting of Assembly members on Friday (February 14) after Islington representative Jeanette Arnold accused him of being undemocratic.

He will have the final say on the plans to build 700 new homes at the site in Farringdon Road after Royal Mail Group (RMG) asked him to ­intervene.

He said: “Can I just say I think it’s unbelievable that members try to attack our record in delivering more homes in London and then join the ranks of bourgeois nimbys trying to stop good developments from going ahead.”

The Mount Pleasant Forum, which claims to be adamantly in favour of a good quality development, wrote: “Anyone that knows Mount Pleasant knows it is anything but bourgeois, though if the RMG are allowed to get their way with 88 per cent private luxury dwellings it will certainly push the demographics in that direction.”