Boris Johnson urged to act over Pentonville Road junction that is ‘among London’s deadliest’

Dangerous: The junction of Pentonville Road and Islington High Street (Picture: Google StreetView)

Dangerous: The junction of Pentonville Road and Islington High Street (Picture: Google StreetView) - Credit: Archant

Campaigners say “urgent” action must be taken over a deadly Islington junction after figures ranked it in the top 10 most dangerous for London’s pedestrians.

Figures released to Labour’s London Assembly Transport spokeswoman Val Shawcross show the junction of Pentonville Road and Islington High Street to be one of the capital’s deadliest outside of central London, with a total of 13 casualties between 2012 and 2014. Only six junctions in the whole of London racked up a worse figure.

Describing the figures as “alarming”, Jennette Arnold, the London Assembly member for Islington, said it was “vitally important” the junction received urgent attention from Transport for London.

“With so many local people using this key junction every day it’s alarming to see this number of accidents taking place,” she said.

“We need junctions to be effective and keep traffic moving, but we also need to ensure they are as safe as possible.

“TfL has been doing a lot of work to improve the safety of vulnerable road users, including pedestrians and cyclists. That’s essential if we’re to drive down the number of pedestrian accidents on Islington’s local roads. It’s vitally important that this particular junction gets some attention, and soon.”

Claire Poyner of pedestrian campaign group Islington Living Streets told the Gazette the statistics showed a “major safety issue”.

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“It comes as no surprise that this junction is a blackspot for accidents,” she said.

“It‘s very hazardous and busy. We need to put walking first and 13 incidents in such a short space of time clearly indicate there is a major safety issue here.”

Ms Arnold claimed Boris Johnson had omitted the Pentonville Road junction from a dossier of blackspots needing urgent safety improvements.

Deputy Mayor for Transport Isabel Dedring said: “Improving road safety is one of the Mayor’s top priorities, and our new £4billion roads investment programme is in large part designed to tackle problems exactly like this.

“We have made a number of investments already here in the last few years, and will be trialling 20mph as well. We are also looking at what further measures are needed.”