By-law clampdown on Islington’s pavement cyclists

COUNCIL bosses are planning to take action on reckless cyclists who ride on the pavement without a thought for pedestrians.

Islington Council is considering introducing a by-law to increase its powers to deal with irresponsible riders.

Councillor Catherine West, the Labour leader of Islington Council, said she wants to see a shift in the attitudes of cyclists.

She said: “We want to look at ways the council can clamp down on cyclists on the pavement.

“I think the existing enforcement is insufficient.

“We want to change the culture of cycling in Islington whereby the pedestrian is king.

“And the current enforcement practice doesn’t seem to be doing its job.”

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However, cycling on pedestrian walkways is already illegal, and the council has not made it clear exactly what enforcement powers the by-law would add.

But Councillor West suggested it could mean cyclists caught on the pavement being slapped with heftier fines.

She added that, while cyclists who skip red lights rile many residents, the council receives far more complaints over bikes on the pavement.

Pedestrian campaigner Caroline Russell, chairwoman of Islington Living Streets, said: “It could be an interesting idea if it expands the number of people who are able to enforce it.

“But it’s already illegal and should be being enforced.”

“Clearly there’s a need for much more enforcement. If the council finds that by bringing in a by-law they can, for instance, enable parking wardens to stop people riding on the pavement then that would make sense.”

Speaking at a recent council debate on crime and safety, Chief Superintendent Mike Wise, Islington’s borough commander, said: “I’m not totally convinced enforcement is the right way to deal with irresponsible cyclists.”