Cameron criticises Miliband for never leaving Islington

Ed Miliband speaking to a crowd in Crouch End

Ed Miliband speaking to a crowd in Crouch End - Credit: Archant

Ed Miliband came under fire from the Prime Minister on Monday for never leaving Islington – despite the Labour leader’s home being in Camden.

The jibe was launched at Mr Miliband in a commons debate in which David Cameron expressed his doubts over his opponent’s knowledge of foreign affairs.

Mr Miliband had claimed the last Labour government blocked Sri Lanka from controversially hosting the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (Chogm) and questioned why the Prime Minister had not done the same.

The PM said if the Labour leader knew anything about foreign affairs he would have known that decision was very difficult to reverse as it was agreed by consensus in the Commonwealth.

Mr Cameron said: “Given Labour agreed to this conference taking place in Sri Lanka, criticising my attendance I think breaks new records for opportunism and double-speak.

“If you know anything about foreign affairs, and I doubt it because you barely get out of Islington, you would know this is a consensus organisation, once something has been agreed it is very difficult to unblock it.”

Mr Miliband, who lives in Dartmouth Park, Camden, could be seen laughing at the Prime Minister’s comments in the commons.