EU Referendum: Islington heads to the polls

Islington Town Hall today

Islington Town Hall today - Credit: Archant

Thousands across the borough headed to polling stations today to place their votes in the EU referendum.

Polling stations opened their doors at 7am this morning and will remain open until 10pm tonight to allow people to make their decision on the future of the country.

And it was a mixed bag at Islington Town Hall, with many popping out during their lunch break.

Nail and beauty stylist Sophie Stafford, of Canonbury, was voting in because of her personal experience with the EU.

“I’m British but I grew up in Austria and my parents still live there, and I’ve seen what it’s done for Britain, being part of the European Union,” she said.

“I think the problems we’re facing won’t be made any better by leaving. In terms of national security, with a son growing up here, I feel more secure as part of the EU. The bigger we are the better.”

Lunita Williams, of Canonbury, was also voting in, though hasn’t been impressed by Islington MP Jeremy Corbyn’s EU campaign.

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“I’m voting in, but I think that the ‘Remain’ campaign has been terrible,” she told the Gazette.

“And Jeremy Corbyn, I mean he’s a lovely guy, has been awful! He needs to stop thinking about his personal point of view, which is obviously against Europe, and start thinking of the greater good.”

On the other side of the fence, however, there were those who do not see a bright future for Britain in the EU.

One man from Angel, who preferred not to be named, said he’s concerned about the lack of democracy in the EU.

“Well they’re unelected aren’t they, the people at the top,” he said.

“And I just think we’re spending far too much money on the EU just to appoint unelected officials to control it all. And I don’t think that’s going to change.”

Polls close at 10pm tonight, with the Islington result expected to be announced between 1.30 and 3am tomorrow. To find our where your closest polling station is, visit: